Best free online survey software tool

If you are looking for the best survey software tool that will allow you to create online surveys for free, look no further. SurveyExpression is the perfect tool for you. It offers for free what other survey platform vendors only offer for hundreds of dollars.

Here are the main features that you can access for free using SurveyExpression:

– UNLIMITED Questions
– 200 responses/survey
– Easy-to-use survey editor
– Professional reports
– Ad-free surveys
– Data export
– Print reports to pdf
– Email notifications
– Survey library
– Customizable look & feel
– Survey folders
– Hidden fields
– Advanced question types

No other major survey software provider will allow you to create unlimited surveys with unlimited questions, gather 200 responses/survey for free and allow you to download your results for offline analysis. That makes SurveyExpression the best free online survey tool. Sign-up now to take advantage of SurveyExpression.