IT Surveys

Does your Information Technology group need more information? An Information Technology (IT) survey assesses satisfaction of the IT services provided, gathers feedback on IT products used, and measures trends and attitudes toward new technology.

If you need to establish baseline measurements of performance, statistical trending or supply data for important initiatives that are currently in planning, you need an IT survey. IT surveys can identify strengths and weaknesses of IT staff, success of IT processes, and measure IT customer service satisfaction. IT companies that have accredited programs also use our survey software to create quiz surveys to certify IT staff.

IT ticketing system

Manage your IT Requests and free your time with an easy to use ticket system. Improve response time with an automatic notification which alerts IT when new problems are reported, and sends a follow-up message to users when their issue has been resolved.

Questionnaire template: IT ticketing system


IT inventory form

Take control of run away equipment and track which version of software your desktops and laptops have with an inventory tracking form. Create a master list that can be sorted by asset, department, purchase date or any other field.

Questionnaire template: IT inventory form


IT satisfaction survey

With IT Satisfaction Surveys, you can find out how clients rate services provided, ascertain factors that contribute to client satisfaction, and give clients a voice to influence IT Services’ priorities and potential initiatives.

Questionnaire template: IT satisfaction survey


IT certification survey

Find out why people enrolled in a course, how to improve a course and provide course attendees with a certificate of completion in a simple, cost effective IT certification survey.

Questionnaire template: IT certification survey