Education Surveys

Learn from your students! Survey the student population including faculty and parents to gain valuable feedback about a class, instructor, project, event or academic issue.

Achieve better results by understanding how you can improve your class or training session. Whether it be a traditional classroom, seminar, webinar, or training program, find out the strengths and weakness of the class design, instructor and training material.

At the institute level, universities and colleges use online surveys to assess their campus environment, identify students at risk of attrition, and gauge faculty awareness of policies. These types of surveys can identify issues that can affect sustainable profitability and bring to light issues that may be a liability. By identifying negative campus experiences, you can take action to avoid these and improve services. Find out the cause for low student retention and make adjustments. Make sure that all faculty are following the most up-to-date policies in order to avoid legal altercations.

Course evaluation survey

Gain insight into how to improve your class with a course evaluation survey. These surveys are usually all encompassing and include questions about the class itself, the instructor and material.

Questionnaire template: Course evaluation survey


Student survey

Student Surveys are mainly geared towards students at higher levels of education. They focus on areas of improvement and collect input about classes and the academic institution. Questions are related to how effective classes, instructors and campus experiences were in preparing them for the working world.

Questionnaire template: Student survey


Teacher evaluation survey

Measure teacher performance using a teacher evaluation survey. Universities often distribute these surveys to students each semester. Questions reflect student opinion and teachers knowledge and ability to effectively communicate. Teacher evaluation surveys are also distributed to faculty members to gain a wider perspective on a teacher’s performance.

Questionnaire template: Teacher evaluation survey


Class registration survey

Use a web form survey to allow users to register for your next class or workshop. Embed the survey on your web site to collect user name, email address and more.

Questionnaire template: Class registration survey