Health Assessments

Health assessments are generally questionnaires that ask about an individual’s physical health and habits to identify risk factors for certain diseases and conditions. The goal of health assessments is to identify areas of risk and provide recommendations to achieve better health and a healthier lifestyle. They can also be used to identify ways to improve patient experience.

Our survey software is built with privacy and data security in mind. You can use SurveyExpression to create HIPAA compliant surveys.

Medical Research Surveys

Healthcare professionals typically use online surveys to collect feedback to improve business operations (whether in a hospital, small medical office, etc.) or conduct medical/industry research. Business-oriented surveys like a medical expenditures survey can typically be sent via email to patients or posted on a website or blog.

Patient privacy remains a big issue when creating a survey relating to the HIPAA law, including health plans and healthcare providers. To send a HIPAA compliant medical research survey, follow these quick tips: set your survey results to private, conduct an anonymous survey using a hyperlink instead of the SurveyExpression email deployment option and don’t ask questions that could reveal a patient’s identity.

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Health evaluation

Healthcare providers use health assessments to ask questions about a patient’s physical condition and habits to provide recommendations to achieve better health and a healthier lifestyle.

Questionnaire template: Health evaluation


Healthcare questionnaire

Similar to a health evaluation, healthcare questionnaires are used to evaluate health risks. They are often used by insurance companies, employment agencies, and employers for medical insurance coverage.

Questionnaire template: Healthcare questionnaire


Health needs assessment

Identifies unmet health needs to provide recommendations for services needed and/or resource allocation. The goal is to identify a needed service and/or equipment to improve the patient’s condition.

Questionnaire template: Health needs assessment


Patient survey

To measure satisfaction, patient surveys are used to gather feedback from patients about the health service they received. They provide valuable information on how to improve healthcare services.

Questionnaire template: Patient survey