Features List

Side-by-side survey software features comparison chart
  Free Account Corporate Account Dedicated Account
    $300/year $2,400/year
Main differences between accounts      
  Unlimited surveys
  Unlimited questions
  Unlimited responses 200/survey
  No ads on survey page
  Print reports to PDF
  Survey library
  Text fields validation
  Number of selected answers validation for multiple choice questions
  Display progress bar (at the top or at the bottom of the survey)
  SSL encryption for surveys and data
  Advanced report - respondents details
  Advanced report - IP analysis
  Spelling checker in multiple languages for question texts
  Advanced matrix questions
  Survey folders
  Users per account 1 100 Unlimited
  Send email invitations with our tool   10,000 /month 100,000 /month
  Priority email support  
  Data export  
  Email notification on response received  
  Hide logo and slogan on survey page and poll  
  Customizable look & feel  
  Reports filtering (cross-tab reports)  
  Possibility to control questions visibility  
  Phone support  
  Multi-user accounts  
  Users permissions per folder  
  Hidden fields  
  White label / Custom domain    
  Dedicated account manager    
Survey Development      
  Easy to use online survey development tool
  Create new surveys by copying existing ones
  Create new pages by copying existing ones
  Create new questions by copying existing ones
  Easily reorder questions and pages within a survey
  Unlimited pages per survey
  Unlimited questions per page
  Unlimited answer selections per question
  Randomize answer choices
  Specify required questions
  Powerful skip logic lets you jump to specified pages based on answers to prior questions  
Survey Question Types      
  Question Types 18 18 18
  Single Choice Vertical
  Single Choice Horizontal
  Single Choice Menu
  Multiple Chioce Vertical
  Multiple Choice Horizontal
  Matrix Single Choice
  Matrix Multiple Choice
  Free From Response – One Line
  Free Form Response – Multiple Rows
  Free Form Response – Text Box
  Open Ended Constant Sum
  Display Only Text
  Display Only Image
  Display Only Spacer
  Hidden fields
  Matrix with Free Text (Spreadsheet)
  Matrix with Drop-Down Menus
  Side by Side Matrix
Survey Appearance Options      
  Set survey and page titles and descriptions
  Customize survey with your own logo
  Display or hide page numbers
  Display or hide question numbers
  Number questions across survey or reset per page
  Customize text for survey navigation buttons
  Customize text for required answer instruction notice
  Custom survey completion options  
  Powered by SurveyExpression logo    
Survey Response Options      
  Restrict respondents to a single response per survey
  Allow multiple responses to the survey
  Restrict respondents from changing prior answers
  Set survey end date
  Set maximum # of total responses to the survey
  Password protect your surveys
Survey Deployment      
  Send survey invitations directly from SurveyExpression 50/month free 10,000 /month 100,000 /month
  - Easily create and manage contact email lists
  - Send invitations to all or filtered set of contacts
  - Track response status and send reminder notices
  Email a unique survey link via your own mail program
  Easily paste survey link in your web site
Reporting and Analysis      
  View summary report online
  View details for each respondent online
  Advanced report: respondents details
  Advanced report: IP analysis
  Export data to Excel – (4 formats)  
  Export raw data files  
  View IP Address from which each respondent takes the survey
  View start and end date/time for each respondent
  Delete individual responses
Online polls section      
  Unlimited polls
  Unlimited responses 200/survey
  Block repeater voters by cookie or IP; or don't block them at all
  Single choice questions or multiple choice questions
  Automatically close poll at a certain date
  Choose from existing poll themes or create your own
  Add images or Youtube videos in your polls
  Poll reports. View poll results online or export them into xml or csv files
  Track the IP addresses of your voters
  Prevent fraud by checking the IP addresses from where more votes came in
  See the country of each individual voter and a summary with all the countries in a map view report
  Customize poll language (change all default poll texts)
  No programming required. Just copy/paste a line of code into your site, blog or myspace/facebook profile
  Hide link in poll  

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