Employee Surveys

Human Resources Surveys are a proven tool in the effective management of an organization, and can play a significant role in assisting any organization in meeting its objectives.

HR surveys are most frequently used to collect information from within an organization, by surveying staff throughout the organization, or selected staff within specific groups, on a particular topic. The most familiar type of internal organizational survey is an ‘Employee Satisfaction Survey’, however such surveys can be used for many other purposes.

Conducting annual, bi-annual, and even monthly human resource surveys can not only improve a work environment but can also increase productivity as well as job retention rates.

Human resources departments within even the smallest company can implement a survey to measure:
– Employee Satisfaction
– Employee Engagement
– Annual Reviews

They can also be used in the hiring process to collect job applicant information.

Studies show that employees that are satisfied and engaged perform better which can have a direct impact on your customer’s satisfaction.

Job application form

Job application surveys allow applicants to apply for jobs online. These surveys are embedded on a web site and collect applicant’s information, experience and resumes. You will be glad to have all this data in one central location!

Questionnaire template: Job application form


360-feedback survey

360-feedback surveys are used during performance reviews to provide employees with management and colleague feedback. These surveys set clear career objectives by assessing skills, identifying areas of improvement, defining goals and training.

Questionnaire template: 360-feedback survey


Employee engagement survey

Employees need to be more than just satisfied to be productive. Employees that are engaged are more likely to contribute to an organization’s improvement. They love their work and look for ways to improve it. This carries over to a department’s and organization success.

Questionnaire template: Employee engagement survey


Employee satisfaction survey

Did you know that satisfied employees perform their jobs better than unsatisfied employees? Not only are satisfied employees more productive, but they can have a positive impact on customer satisfaction.

Questionnaire template: Employee satisfaction survey


Employee exit interview

Employee Exit interviews are conducted to gain objective feedback about the work culture, management style, operational processes and training needs. These surveys are conducted as an employee is leaving under the assumption that helpful criticism is a driver for organizational improvement. They also allow for the transfer of knowledge.

Questionnaire template: Employee exit interview