Research Surveys

SurveyExpression is the leading survey research software for online survey creation. Researchers worldwide use our survey software to send online surveys to a wide range of participants, allowing them to increase sample sizes, improve reporting, and collect better data. Our users save time and improve efficiency by leveraging our online survey software to collect, organize, and share their market research data.

Using online survey research, you can sample a vast amount of unique participants in a short time, while still receiving a complete picture in order to make an informed research conclusion. Our survey software has advanced logic such as as branching, piping and scripting control.

Market Research Feedback Can Help You:

– Recommend optimal product enhancements
– Identify promising concept ideas
– Assess the impact of pricing changes
– Measure customer awareness, usage and satisfaction over time
– Increase customer loyalty
– Gain insights into customer demographics

When big decisions are at stake, the best business people turn to market research to help them make successful decisions. Data from market research surveys augment gut reactions and antidotal information to point to the best possible choices. All SurveyExpression market research survey template questions are written by professional survey methodologists to avoid bias and can be customized to fit your needs.

Academic surveys

Academic institutions worldwide use our survey software to conduct online surveys for gathering data to support funded research projects. These research surveys vary across many fields – from archaeology to zoology. Graduate students also use our survey software to collect data for their student thesis’ or get feedback on writing samples.

Questionnaire template: Academic survey


Marketing surveys

Market research surveys are used to gather market intelligence regarding opinions, trends, and competitors. They are also used to gauge interest in new products and service offerings, test new product concepts, and gain feedback on price points.

Questionnaire template: Marketing survey