IT Satisfaction Survey
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1. How did you initiate this technical support transaction?

2. How satisfied are you:
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With IT's ability to understand your problem?
With IT's product knowledge?
With IT's ability to answer your questions?
With IT's level of experience?
With the time it took IT to resolve the issue?
With the time it took IT to respond to the issue?
With IT's ability to solve the issue?
With IT's overall handling of your issue?
3. Do you consider this issue to be resolved?

4. If the issue has not been resolved, or if you are not sure if it has been resolved, please explain why:
5. How many IT contacts did you have to make to resolve your issue?

6. Would you recommend your most current IT staff member to co-workers/friends?

7. Please add any comments or suggestions you think could help IT improve the quality of their service here: