Customer Satisfaction Surveys

An average organization loses about 15% of its customers every year. But utilizing Customer Satisfaction Surveys can help reduce this to just 10%, with bottom line profits improving 35% to 85%.

Online Customer Satisfaction Surveys are a fast and easy way to gather information about all aspects of the purchasing process and, in the process, discover how and where your business can improve.

Customer Satisfaction Measurement Facts

– A 5% increase in loyalty can increase profits by 25% – 85%
– A very satisfied customer is nearly six times more likely to remain loyal and repurchase and/or recommend your product than is a customer who is just satisfied
– Only 4% of dissatisfied customers will complain
– The average customer with a problem eventually tells 10 other people
– Satisfied customers tell five other people about their good treatment

Who Needs to Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

Anyone who wants to dig deeper into their customers’ psyches and understand how their customers feel about their product, brand or company.

Why Conduct Customer Satisfaction Surveys?

– To know what your customers think
– To improve your overall business and specific areas within your business
– To improve customer satisfaction and retention
– To enhance profits
– To show your customers you care what they think
– To learn where your company stands in comparison with competitors
– To demonstrate a commitment to listening to your customers

Customers want to be heard, so they’re eager to share both positive and negative experiences. But they also want to know that you’re really listening, that you’ll carefully evaluate their feedback and make any necessary changes.

Customer Satisfaction Survey Templates Get You Started Fast

Even if you’re a survey pro, starting with one of our free customer satisfaction survey templates cuts down on design time and may give you ideas for customer satisfaction survey questions you hadn’t thought to ask.

SurveyExpression accounts include free access to dozens professionally designed survey templates you can brand with your own look and feel and deploy quickly. Just open a free customer satisfaction survey template, add your own survey questions and graphics, and you’ll be ready to send your survey in minutes. They’re an easy and proven way to eliminate poorly worded customer satisfaction survey questions, bias and other problems that can skew your results.

Customer Satisfaction with Product or Service Survey

Use this 20-question customer satisfaction survey template to accurately measure customer satisfaction with your product or service. Use skip logic to allow your customers to answer questions that are applicable to the products or services they’ve actually used, and gather demographic information that will help you cater to the consumers’ needs. See the customer satisfaction survey template.

Customer Satisfaction Survey with Company

Need to know if your customers are satisfied with your company’s overall performance? This short online customer satisfaction survey template helps you identify the products and services customers value most, and whether they’re likely to use your company’s services in the future. Demographic data gathered at the end of the customer satisfaction survey will help you discover who your most valuable – and satisfied -customers are. See the customer satisfaction template.

Customer Satisfaction with Customer Service Survey

Measure the success of your front-line customer service and support agents with this quick customer service survey template. Send this survey immediately after each interaction to your customers to find out if your customer service department was easy to reach, helpful and friendly. Measure customer service hold times, problem resolution and product/service knowledge. See the customer service survey template.

Customer Motivation and Buying Experience Survey

Measure customer satisfaction with the price, quality and value of your product or service, as well as the process of buying and using it. Find out why your customers buy (is it business or personal?) — and what you can do to increase consumer satisfaction with their purchase. Learn whether your customers are repeat buyers, and if they would refer others to you. See the survey template.

Service Cancellation Survey

Find out why customers cancelled their subscription or service. Was it price, quality, customer service or something out of your control? Was the customer satisfied before cancellation? Use this service cancellation survey’s built-in text boxes to give your customers a chance to tell you in their own words why they cancelled. Learn whether your customers would use your service again. See the service cancellation survey template.