MSPCL Customer Satisfaction Survey 2018
1. Please rate your interaction with the forensic services you have utilized in the past six months:
  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor N/A
Administrative Services
Arson and Explosives
Case Management Unit
Crime Scene Response Unit
Crime Scene Services/Latent Prints
Drug Chemistry
Evidence Drop Off/Pick Up
Lab-Access Web System
Office of Alcohol Testing
Trace Analysis
2. Please rate following aspects of evidence examination:
  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor N/A
Ease of submission process
Case processed as discussed
Turn-around time
3. Please rate the following aspects of laboratory reports:
  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor N/A
Report format
Results provided in a clear and concise manner
Easy to understand
4. Please rate the staff of the Massachusetts State Police Crime Laboratory on the following criteria:
  Excellent Good Average Below Average Poor N/A
Availability for discussion
Ability to communicate effectively
5. Please give your overall rating of your experience with the Massachusetts State Crime Laboratory:

6. Your feedback is important to us.  If you wish to provide further details for any of your ratings in questions 1-5, we encourage you to do so in the space provided below:
7. We always strive to improve our services.  If you have any suggestions for us (even about this survey), please make them in the space provided below. 
8. Please provide your name below, so that we may address any concerns (required). *
9. Please indicate the best way to reach you.
Phone Number
Email address
If you prefer to complete a paper survey, please print this page and mail to:
MA State Police Forensic and Technology Center
ATTN: QA Manager
124 Acton Street
Maynard, MA 01754
Thank you for completing this survey!
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